Monday, May 19, 2008

Day 8

Wow, it's been a whole WEEK! I feel pretty good, too. I haven't been to terrible hungry, which is a feat for me! And, I managed NO cheats for the whole Civil War weekend. that's usually my favorite part of the whole trip. We made lots of yummy foods, and fed it to the kids and the rest of the company, but didn't eat any of it ourselves. I was pretty proud of myself.

I was 179.8 when I weighted this morning. Yoohoo! I'm back under 180. It's, unfortunately, been a while. I've moved out of my fattest pants into my smaller fat pants. That's good!

Lets see, what food have I found that I like. For breakfast, I like the yogurt (6 oz) and fruit. It's a good b-fast.

then for lunch, the tuna in lettuce with a bit of vinegar and splenda is tasty. i know, it sounds gross, but it's quite tasty.

and for dinner, I like the beef, rare, with some salt and pepper. SO GOOD! stir fry isn't too bad either. I need to try one of the soups one of these days. cucumber has, so far, been my fav. veggie. they're tasty when sliced up. gotta love cucumbers.

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