Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day 3

Weight - 183.0

OK, day 3 is almost over! It was a good day, aside from starting (yeah, that), and having a headache lingering most of the day. But, it's gone now (that hot bath helped, i think), so life is good once more.

I tried the fat free plain yogurt for b-fast, and found that I actually liked it. I put splenda in it, and found it enjoyable. I had an orange to go with it. I got 6 oz of yogurt.

I was too busy to remember morning snack (hehehe), and had tuna with diced tomatoes, green peppers, celery, 4 saltines crushed, and cucumber for lunch. Add 1 tsp of mayo (yeah, you couldn't really tell it was even in there) and a dash of salt and pepper, and you've got yourself a nice little tuna salad. I liked it!

For afternoon snack, I had an apple and 4 crackers. I drank a diet soda and had a piece of gum somewhere in there too. Jimmy kept trying to drink my soda, so I didn't really get a chance to fully enjoy it. I felt like I had to chug-a-lug it to get any for myself!

For dinner, I had my meat allowance (beef for stewing), and green peppers. First, I sliced the green pepper. Then, i sauteed some garlic in Pam. Added the green peppers with 1 tbsp of white rice vinegar. Then, briefly added the steak pieces. I like it a bit rare, don't ya know! It was quite tasty. I think I'll add more salt next time, and a little bit of pepper.

I'm working on a Diet soda now, and having a piece of gum. I sure do love diet gum :) I can "nurse" my soda because Jimmy is asleep, and can't steal it! Ha!!!

When I type out how much I'm eating, and when my Mom comments on how much I'm not eating, I have to agree that it seems like I don't get a lot, but honestly, I haven't really been starving. I think that these foods must be agreeing with me! I'm down about 4 lbs in 2 days, and am encouraged by that!

I find myself with more time on my hands for some reason. I think that thinking about what I was going to eat, and then actually fixing it, and eating it, and thinking about what else I was gonna eat was taking up a lot of my energy.

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