Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I've Lost Count with the Day's thing

I'm in week 2, that's all I know! I was 178.8 this morning! Woo hoo! As I was standing downstairs baking a cake for Cub Scouts and eating my 170 grams of apple, I realized that my stomach hasn't growled since I started this diet. I may have felt emotionally hungry, but my stomach isn't growling like it used to. Must mean something is working :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Day 8

Wow, it's been a whole WEEK! I feel pretty good, too. I haven't been to terrible hungry, which is a feat for me! And, I managed NO cheats for the whole Civil War weekend. that's usually my favorite part of the whole trip. We made lots of yummy foods, and fed it to the kids and the rest of the company, but didn't eat any of it ourselves. I was pretty proud of myself.

I was 179.8 when I weighted this morning. Yoohoo! I'm back under 180. It's, unfortunately, been a while. I've moved out of my fattest pants into my smaller fat pants. That's good!

Lets see, what food have I found that I like. For breakfast, I like the yogurt (6 oz) and fruit. It's a good b-fast.

then for lunch, the tuna in lettuce with a bit of vinegar and splenda is tasty. i know, it sounds gross, but it's quite tasty.

and for dinner, I like the beef, rare, with some salt and pepper. SO GOOD! stir fry isn't too bad either. I need to try one of the soups one of these days. cucumber has, so far, been my fav. veggie. they're tasty when sliced up. gotta love cucumbers.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day 3

Weight - 183.0

OK, day 3 is almost over! It was a good day, aside from starting (yeah, that), and having a headache lingering most of the day. But, it's gone now (that hot bath helped, i think), so life is good once more.

I tried the fat free plain yogurt for b-fast, and found that I actually liked it. I put splenda in it, and found it enjoyable. I had an orange to go with it. I got 6 oz of yogurt.

I was too busy to remember morning snack (hehehe), and had tuna with diced tomatoes, green peppers, celery, 4 saltines crushed, and cucumber for lunch. Add 1 tsp of mayo (yeah, you couldn't really tell it was even in there) and a dash of salt and pepper, and you've got yourself a nice little tuna salad. I liked it!

For afternoon snack, I had an apple and 4 crackers. I drank a diet soda and had a piece of gum somewhere in there too. Jimmy kept trying to drink my soda, so I didn't really get a chance to fully enjoy it. I felt like I had to chug-a-lug it to get any for myself!

For dinner, I had my meat allowance (beef for stewing), and green peppers. First, I sliced the green pepper. Then, i sauteed some garlic in Pam. Added the green peppers with 1 tbsp of white rice vinegar. Then, briefly added the steak pieces. I like it a bit rare, don't ya know! It was quite tasty. I think I'll add more salt next time, and a little bit of pepper.

I'm working on a Diet soda now, and having a piece of gum. I sure do love diet gum :) I can "nurse" my soda because Jimmy is asleep, and can't steal it! Ha!!!

When I type out how much I'm eating, and when my Mom comments on how much I'm not eating, I have to agree that it seems like I don't get a lot, but honestly, I haven't really been starving. I think that these foods must be agreeing with me! I'm down about 4 lbs in 2 days, and am encouraged by that!

I find myself with more time on my hands for some reason. I think that thinking about what I was going to eat, and then actually fixing it, and eating it, and thinking about what else I was gonna eat was taking up a lot of my energy.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Day 1

Bethany: weight - 186.8

For breakfast, I had 2 slices of mozzarella cheese (50 g) and some celery. I didn't have a working scale at the time, so I couldn't weigh it. Later, I found out that I could have had double the celery. Oh well :) Tomorrow's b-fast will be better!!!

I went to Wal-mart to buy a food scale. Bought the one for $33. It's an investment, but one that we'll use a lot. We TOTALLY got our $5 out of the last cheapy one we had! This one was pretty cool. Got it home, and it didn't work.

For am snack, I had 4 Saltine Crackers (nabisco) and an orange. I was starting to feel hungry, and that snack helped. I also drank a Diet Caffiene free soda, and a piece of sugar free gum.

Sent Brent to the convenience store to get a new battery for the scale. Guess what. It's not the battery. So, I had to go back to Wal-mart to exchange the broken scale for a different one. They didn't have the same kind, so I got the other one. I opened it in the store to make sure that it works. It does!!!

For lunch, I had 105 g of lettuce, and 1 can of drained tuna. i wrapped the tuna in the lettuce leaves as little tuna tacos. Don't think about it too much, and it's do-able :) I also had a can of Diet Coke.

2:30, I had an apple. Yummy. well, not really, because they're kinda gross. don't know why this batch of apples was bad. guess you can't get winner fruit every time :)

6:30 ish was dinner. I took 105 g of chicken breast, and diced it super fine. then, i took about 45 g of celery and diced it super fine too. I added 4 crushed saltines, some garlic, some spices, some salt and pepper, and make a nice little ball out of it. then, i stuffed it in 1/2 a green pepper. I put it in a baking dish with a very little bit of water in the bottom, and cooked it on 350 for about 30 mintues. AWESOME!!! it was delicious! I'll have to add that one to the rotation :)

it's now 8:24, and i'm hungry again. i don't know if it's that i'm really hungry, or if its that i'm just "emotionally" wanting to eat. I think i'll go downstairs and get water, and a soda, and a gum. then, i can come back upstairs and watch tv. sounds like a winner of a plan to me!!!