Monday, May 12, 2008

Day 1

Bethany: weight - 186.8

For breakfast, I had 2 slices of mozzarella cheese (50 g) and some celery. I didn't have a working scale at the time, so I couldn't weigh it. Later, I found out that I could have had double the celery. Oh well :) Tomorrow's b-fast will be better!!!

I went to Wal-mart to buy a food scale. Bought the one for $33. It's an investment, but one that we'll use a lot. We TOTALLY got our $5 out of the last cheapy one we had! This one was pretty cool. Got it home, and it didn't work.

For am snack, I had 4 Saltine Crackers (nabisco) and an orange. I was starting to feel hungry, and that snack helped. I also drank a Diet Caffiene free soda, and a piece of sugar free gum.

Sent Brent to the convenience store to get a new battery for the scale. Guess what. It's not the battery. So, I had to go back to Wal-mart to exchange the broken scale for a different one. They didn't have the same kind, so I got the other one. I opened it in the store to make sure that it works. It does!!!

For lunch, I had 105 g of lettuce, and 1 can of drained tuna. i wrapped the tuna in the lettuce leaves as little tuna tacos. Don't think about it too much, and it's do-able :) I also had a can of Diet Coke.

2:30, I had an apple. Yummy. well, not really, because they're kinda gross. don't know why this batch of apples was bad. guess you can't get winner fruit every time :)

6:30 ish was dinner. I took 105 g of chicken breast, and diced it super fine. then, i took about 45 g of celery and diced it super fine too. I added 4 crushed saltines, some garlic, some spices, some salt and pepper, and make a nice little ball out of it. then, i stuffed it in 1/2 a green pepper. I put it in a baking dish with a very little bit of water in the bottom, and cooked it on 350 for about 30 mintues. AWESOME!!! it was delicious! I'll have to add that one to the rotation :)

it's now 8:24, and i'm hungry again. i don't know if it's that i'm really hungry, or if its that i'm just "emotionally" wanting to eat. I think i'll go downstairs and get water, and a soda, and a gum. then, i can come back upstairs and watch tv. sounds like a winner of a plan to me!!!


Madison McShinsky said...

Is this your new diet? I don't think I could eat those tuna wraps..I get super hungry at about 10 and drink lots and lots of water and soda! ha

Bethany said...

yep, my new diet :) as for the tuna, i LOVE lettuce on my tuna sandwich, so this really isn't much of a change.

i just go to bed at 10:30 if i'm super hungry, and that helps :) hehehe